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A Tribute to Bette Hagman 08/24/2007
dewinged_pixie wrote in celiac

As we all know Bette Hagman was an Icon in the Celiac World. She is the reason for so many wonderful breakthroughs in cooking, and baking. Sadly she has passed no doubtedly to heaven for all she's done for this community. In rememberance of her I ask that on friday 08/24/2007, that's this friday, we should all wear something green, or a celiac/gluten free tee-shirt. Lets take a moment and let her passing be silently remembered for what she stood for awareness and a better life for those with Celiac. Please take a moment and ask  your friends and family to do the same as well. Let us remember her life through spreading the word as she so kindly did for us in her life.



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