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on the go GF, non-processed, no added sugar, easy prep lunch ideas?
kitegirl24 wrote in celiac
Hi everyone,

I am currently walking/biking 4 miles to work, which means carrying my lunch in my back pack. I'm also eating gluten free (by necessity due to a gluten sensitivity), and also trying to avoid processed foods (or at least those with extra ingredients like preservatives) and added sugar (including added sweeteners like honey, cane sugar, coconut sugar, etc). I recently started baking my own GF sandwich bread, but will not be doing that for long -- I found a good recipe that I can leave the sugar out of, but it uses a rice flour mix, and I want to keep my rice intake down due to all the arsenic info that's out there these days. Other all-purpose flour blends that I've come across are prohibitively expensive - so once I run out of the blend I have now that's mostly rice-based, GF bread will be out as well.

I'm also currently pretty tight on free time, so I've stopped cooking dinner most nights. Until recently, lunch was always leftover dinner. But there are now two issues with that - (1) not having time to cook dinner and do dishes, and (2) worrying that leftovers in a container may leak in my back pack.

So, I'm looking for on-the-go ideas (to the extent that it needs to be backpack friendly without risk of leaking, and relatively easy / quick to prep) that fit my other restrictions. Currently all I can come up with is a salad in a jar (spinach, veggies, seeds/nuts, maybe some cheese, or leftover taco meat since we are going to do tacos once a week for dinner - I have oil at my office and can add that as the "dressing" at lunch time), maybe peanut butter and banana sandwiches on corn tortillas, and potentially something like nuts and fruit/veggies, which I'm afraid might not fill me up enough.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)

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Stir fry with mung bean noodles and veggies? I normally add Tamari sauce and take in my no leak tupper ware but if you skip the sauce, it might be leak-safe? It's done very fast and it tastes great cold. You could also do the noodles fresh at work, since all you need is hot water and 3 minutes time.

I do a lot of dried/fresh fruit, nuts, boiled eggs, cheese and salads. If you have a fridge at work, you might be able to go to a local store and get ingredients to put together stuff there.

We generally use the enjoy-life brown rice wraps for sandwiches but do more just whole food dishes. My average lunch is a salad with some grilled chicken (I have a tendency to grill up a few on Sunday to last the week).... and I keep dressing at work in the fridge. I often eat breakfast at work, too, and like cheese and fruit for breakfast.

Good luck and let us know what you come up with!

jerky, fruit, veg, pouches of tuna, roasted edamame. Tuna on a giant leaf of romaine witha little onion/pepper and olive oil is one of my favorite lunches and it can be assembled very easily.

All of the above ideas are great! I would add protein bars - some of them have only a few ingredients. Lara bars, for example, have dates, and maybe three other ingredients, no preservatives and do not need the fridge.

In my backpack, I always keep a couple of protein bars, some jerky and a couple of the Graze pummets. If you are interested in Graze (natural foods, very good), let me know and I'll get you a code so your first box is free.

crockpot, rice cooker, thermos.

we love thermos lunches. I crockpot soup and ricecooker brown rice, and then we eat that all week long. I love kale and white bean soup, minestrone, chili. I also make just basic protein and veg over rice (sausage or chicken breast, kale or broccoli) and put that in the thermoses too. I feed two celiacs and two picky non-celiacs lunch 5x a week in that manner (we also do salad jars).

Good luck!

Re: crockpot, rice cooker, thermos.

note that the key to getting a leak-proof thermos lunch is a good thermos, i use a stainless steel thermos brand "funtainer" which also has a built in collapsable fork, i'd say "the kids like it" but hey, i like it too. :D

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