Any chance there be folks from Denver here?
I'm traveling to Denver Co. this week and there's a lovely listing of GF friendly restauranteur but I'm wondering if anyone here knows about nightshade allergies with them? I find so many commercial places use potato starch in all of their baked goods (even some pastas) and just am taking the chance that someone here can help point out at least one place which doesn't .... when traveling trial and error is more difficult to deal with.

Thanks in advance for any info!

on the go GF, non-processed, no added sugar, easy prep lunch ideas?
Hi everyone,

I am currently walking/biking 4 miles to work, which means carrying my lunch in my back pack. I'm also eating gluten free (by necessity due to a gluten sensitivity), and also trying to avoid processed foods (or at least those with extra ingredients like preservatives) and added sugar (including added sweeteners like honey, cane sugar, coconut sugar, etc). I recently started baking my own GF sandwich bread, but will not be doing that for long -- I found a good recipe that I can leave the sugar out of, but it uses a rice flour mix, and I want to keep my rice intake down due to all the arsenic info that's out there these days. Other all-purpose flour blends that I've come across are prohibitively expensive - so once I run out of the blend I have now that's mostly rice-based, GF bread will be out as well.

I'm also currently pretty tight on free time, so I've stopped cooking dinner most nights. Until recently, lunch was always leftover dinner. But there are now two issues with that - (1) not having time to cook dinner and do dishes, and (2) worrying that leftovers in a container may leak in my back pack.

So, I'm looking for on-the-go ideas (to the extent that it needs to be backpack friendly without risk of leaking, and relatively easy / quick to prep) that fit my other restrictions. Currently all I can come up with is a salad in a jar (spinach, veggies, seeds/nuts, maybe some cheese, or leftover taco meat since we are going to do tacos once a week for dinner - I have oil at my office and can add that as the "dressing" at lunch time), maybe peanut butter and banana sandwiches on corn tortillas, and potentially something like nuts and fruit/veggies, which I'm afraid might not fill me up enough.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)

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Sandwich bread recipe :)

Found a pretty decent sandwich bread recipe and just wanted to share :)

I used King Arthur "baking mix" instead of "all purpose mix" because that's what I had on hand. Also used cashew milk, again because that's what I had on hand - did have to 1.5 or double the milk to make the batter a decent consistency. Probably about 1.5 is optimal.... last time I made this, I didn't measure how much extra milk I used - this time I doubled it and it seemed to make the batter a bit too thin, but still came out well :)

Question from your admin.
Hi. Is anyone still using this community? It hasn't been posted to in the longest time. Just curious.

Not quite an intolerance?
Appalacian Sunrise
I am gluten intolerant with a number of typical symptoms like gas, anxiety, joint pain, et cetera.  However, when I eat dairy I notice I get fatigued and a little fuzzy-headed.  My boyfriend has this same reaction to gluten!  So we're having a similar reaction caused by different foods.

Do you have a similar problem?  Any idea what reaction this is?  It's not an allergy or an intolerance, but it's something related to eating particular foods.


New and a few questions
Hello, not sure how active this community is - but I'd love some support and advice / suggestions!

I'm not sure how to go about getting tested for this. but for months now, anything with wheat/gluten has been giving me all sorts of IBS and cramping this normal? I may not be necessarily celiac-intolerant, but I DO think I am gluten/wheat intolerant.

I wanted to know, are oats and oatmeal okay, are there certain brands that are better than others?

Also, what about frosting for example on cupcakes and other bakery items? I'm helping out for a school / students' birthday party, and I know there will be a lot of cake/frosting type items. I was curious to know if frosting is safe/ GF, but the cake most likely would not be...

Lastly, how do you get your fiber and avoid sluggish digestion? I usually hear that bran, whole-wheat bread/cereals are necessary for good digestion and avoiding constipation for example! I'm worried that avoiding all this will make that worse, but it can't be any worse than it already is now. Whole wheat breads/grains are HORRIBLE on my stomach.

(no subject)
Book Bunny
Has anyone here tried the kraft macaroni cheese packets from the box? Kraft told me it's gluten free and I know they sell the powder in jars for popcorn but they don't have it in my area. :( I'm fairly certain I'm gluten intolerant and not celiac because the blood test came back negative and I can handle small trace amounts of wheat with only a stomach ache. Otherwise I wouldn't even be thinking about it, since the sauce packet comes in a box full of wheat noodles.

I've browsed a couple celiac message boards and a lot of people say they use the packets without problem but I figure it can't hurt to ask.

Cordina's Mar-GO-Rita
Me =)
I saw these when I was at our local liquor store. Interesting concept (kinda like a grown-up Capri Sun). But I couldn't find any info on the package or on their website as to whether they were GF. The store manager didn't know, either. I decided to contact them and just got a reply that their Mar-GO-Ritas are GF.

au Sam & cam
I seem to recall a few of you mentioning having had problems with corn the same as I do..... and I was wondering, for any of you that do, what antibiotics can you safely take?  I can't seem to tolerate anything with even traces of corn in it, and sadly all but one antibiotic I've ever taken been prescribed have corn in them!  It's crazy.

I've talked to two local pharmacies, and they have been zero help..... hence why I thought I'd ask you guys.

cat grass/gluten in fur?
My roommate recently bought her cat some cat grass to eat, but it says it's wheat, barley, rye and oats.  Just looking at the thing sitting on the ground makes me nervous.  The cat sheds a lot and I used to pet her all the time and hang out with her and let her in my room, but now I don't go near her because of what she is eating.  Am I just being paranoid or is this smart? I feel bad though because she misses me. I just don't want to get sick. I also don't want to tell my roommate what to feed her cat. Any advice?


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