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Celiac Related Information
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Searching the community

I have noticed that searching the community using LJ-seek is NOT working properly, so here is an alternative you can use.

Click on this [LINK] to go to Google's search and replace the first word (I put "recipe" in there as an example) to search for whatever you want to find in this community. It seems to be working just fine. Happy searching.

Information about Celiac Disease.

This community was created with the intention of having a place on Live Journal where people who have or come into contact with Celiac Disease can exchange their experiences, share tips on avoiding contamination, share information about products that are to be avoided, add information about new products that have been found to be safe for Celiac people.

Requests from your moderator :

Let's play nice.

This is an open community which means anyone can add her/himself and post. I will however remove severely off-topic posts without remorse and abuse or trolling will not be tolerated.

When you post and/or comment in this community please make sure you use a user-icon that can be considered "safe for work". I will be urging members who do not honor this request to change the icon(s) and may remove posts and or comments if need be.

Respecting Copyright is highly recommended, so when posting in this community, do not forget to mention the source of articles, pictures etc. If articles are taken from other web sites, try to only copy part of it in your post and put up a link to the full article.

As an example here's a link to a PDF file that has a host of little notes in different languages that you can print out and show to the chefs in foreign restaurants to warn them about your celiac. That file is here: chefrequests.pdf. You'll need the Adobe PDF reader to be installed on your system to read such a file. You can download that program (for free) over here. The texts and images contained in this file originate from a German web site called The German Coeliac Society (DZG).

Information found in this community should always be checked with a certified physician before acting on it. We do NOT take responsibility for any problems stemming from the use/misuse of the information that is found within this community.

Note : check out this community, coeliac_recipes, which is available for people who have Coeliac's Disease to share recipes and hints for cooking gluten free meals.

Thank You.

Legal mumbo jumbo:
The maintainer of this community journal can not be held accountable for the content posted by the members of this community on any of the pages contained in this community.