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Any chance there be folks from Denver here?
dodging_fate wrote in celiac
I'm traveling to Denver Co. this week and there's a lovely listing of GF friendly restauranteur but I'm wondering if anyone here knows about nightshade allergies with them? I find so many commercial places use potato starch in all of their baked goods (even some pastas) and just am taking the chance that someone here can help point out at least one place which doesn't .... when traveling trial and error is more difficult to deal with.

Thanks in advance for any info!

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I'm outside Denver. Not sure what kinds of foods you're looking for. Red Robin (national hamburger sit-down restaurant chain) has a GF menu - and instead of getting a bun you can get your burger "protein style" wrapped in lettuce. They're all over the place here (and you can get a salad or sweet potato fries instead of potato - but their GF fryer more than likely will be used for both potato and sweet potato fries).

There's also a smaller chain I just discovered called Wahoo Fish Tacos - they have a decent GF menu.

Tokyo Joes is a choose your own veggie/meat in a rice bowl kind of place - they aren't strictly GF (they do serve wheat pastas, too), but they are exceedingly careful about allergies - just tell them what you need and they'll help you through it - probably one of my favorite restaurants, hands down.

PF Changs (don't know about their GF flour usage).

I've heard good and bad things about Hacienda Colorado - a few celiacs I know love their food and swear they're helpful, I'm afraid to try because they're menu makes it very clear that they try but don't make promises... and I need promises.

Let me know if you need more help - I'd be happy to do some looking in particular areas or for specific tastes you have in mind.

Thank you, that's very helpful!

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