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Not quite an intolerance?
Appalacian Sunrise
cairech wrote in celiac
I am gluten intolerant with a number of typical symptoms like gas, anxiety, joint pain, et cetera.  However, when I eat dairy I notice I get fatigued and a little fuzzy-headed.  My boyfriend has this same reaction to gluten!  So we're having a similar reaction caused by different foods.

Do you have a similar problem?  Any idea what reaction this is?  It's not an allergy or an intolerance, but it's something related to eating particular foods.


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There's a known link to having issues with casein (milk protein) when you have gluten issues as well. Look up "gluten free casein free" or GFCF diets; there's a lot of debate about whether this syndrome affects people with autism, so there'll be a lot about that but if you can sift through and just look at the common link info you may glean some useful information.

/edit: I don't use cow milk at all for this reason, yey for Silk soymilk.

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If you have coeliac disease it is an immune response rather than an allergy. So you could have allergies to dairy and the immune response to gluten.

I think it may be a dairy allergy, and my BF has a wheat allergy. His sister drank some of my Omission brand beer, which is wheat beer with the gluten neutralized. I was fine with it, but it made her feel ill.

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I hear you! It's tough cutting food out of your diet - I am gluten free, vegetarian and low-sugar, now I know that dairy needs to go away too. It sounds like I do have some kind of allergy to it.

I found this site: It looks like I DO have a dairy allergy, and my boyfriend is allergic to wheat.

His sister seems to be allergic to wheat, too. We figured that out when the Omission brand beer made her sick but I was fine with it. She's allergic to wheat where I'm gluten intolerant.

Thanks for your answers!

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