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willowistari wrote in celiac
Has anyone here tried the kraft macaroni cheese packets from the box? Kraft told me it's gluten free and I know they sell the powder in jars for popcorn but they don't have it in my area. :( I'm fairly certain I'm gluten intolerant and not celiac because the blood test came back negative and I can handle small trace amounts of wheat with only a stomach ache. Otherwise I wouldn't even be thinking about it, since the sauce packet comes in a box full of wheat noodles.

I've browsed a couple celiac message boards and a lot of people say they use the packets without problem but I figure it can't hurt to ask.

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I am not actually answering your question.
I would like, instead, to offer you an alternative.
If you can get it in your area (or order it online), Annie's makes a gluten-free macaroni and cheese that I find even tastier than craft. Their version with powdered cheese comes in two flavors, regular yellow cheddar and shells with white cheddar. There is also one with a liquid cheese packet in the yellow cheddar.
Just be sure to get the rice pasta versions. The packaging is kinda similar to their ones with wheat pasta.

Oh awesome, I'll have to look into it! Thanks. :D

Like Riverrocks, this isn't so much an answer as an alternative. I'm not sure why you're buying Kraft Mac and Cheese - are you looking to make gluten free mac and cheese (using your pasta and their packet)? Or are you looking for cheese powder to put on your popcorn?

If it's mac and cheese you're looking for, I second Annie's. Both GF options are good. That was my favorite brand before I found out I had to go gluten free, and I like the GF versions just as much. There is also a frozen rice mac and cheese by this brand that is really good.

If you're looking for cheese popcorn seasoning, Kernel Season's makes a few flavors of cheese powder. I believe that all of their popcorn seasonings are gluten free, but I would double check just to be safe. My boyfriend works there so I've tried most of them. The ones I've tried have been really good.

I'm the only non-gluten in the house and the kraft is for other people. But I saw it in the closet and it reminded me of how much a comfort food it used to be so I got curious about using the packets on gluten free noodles. So far I haven't found a mac and cheese that tastes quite the same, but I haven't tried annie's yet. I'll have to when I go grocery shopping this week. :D

King Arthur Flour has an awesome catalogue with many gf products (and a separate one just with most of the gf) and the cheese pOwder but couldn't say if you could use it offhand (I'm dairyfree so don't use it).

Oh, blood tests will not tell antibodies right if you are IgA deficient, what they test for).
If you are, like me, you need a special one. My original testing didn't show up because of this, and the damage done is not always in line with severity of symptoms.

Oh wow I had no idea. I guess it's possible, my doctor did say my IgA levels were actually lower than expected, which surprised both of us because if I eat a moderate amount of gluten (like a bowl of ramen) I'll be in the bathroom for days.

I've heard good things about King Arthur though, I want to try some of their stuff.

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