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Cordina's Mar-GO-Rita
Me =)
gen_here wrote in celiac
I saw these when I was at our local liquor store. Interesting concept (kinda like a grown-up Capri Sun). But I couldn't find any info on the package or on their website as to whether they were GF. The store manager didn't know, either. I decided to contact them and just got a reply that their Mar-GO-Ritas are GF.

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I just checked and they're made with agave wine, which would be GF, and I'm guessing the other ingredients are mostly fruit and some other stuff. My husband sometimes likes those frozen pouch drinks you can buy at the supermarket, but they're made with malt alcohol, ie; beer. So don't try those, as they aren't GF.

I've had those mar-GO-Ritas, and they're basically frozen wine coolers. They are AWFUL. As far as I know, they are gluten free.

Ironically, whenever I get those twist-off-top pouch capri suns they have out now, I always get carded because the cashiers think they are the alcoholic type.

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