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my baby Idgie
rightxhere wrote in celiac
I seem to recall a few of you mentioning having had problems with corn the same as I do..... and I was wondering, for any of you that do, what antibiotics can you safely take?  I can't seem to tolerate anything with even traces of corn in it, and sadly all but one antibiotic I've ever taken been prescribed have corn in them!  It's crazy.

I've talked to two local pharmacies, and they have been zero help..... hence why I thought I'd ask you guys.

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I wish I could help you but I haven't taken antibiotics in many years and generally avoid them if at all possible. The thing about antibiotics is that many of them are specific to types and locations of infections, so it may not be possible to opt for one over the other if you need a specific one. You might try looking into the possibility of getting the one you need from a compounding pharmacy, but I don't know how that works, if your doctor would have to make arrangements, etc. Of course, if the antibiotic itself (and not what it may be mixed with) is made from corn that wouldn't work either. Is it a specific antibiotic you need or a specific condition?

I don't have a corn allergy but I've worked for big Pharma. You are wise to do this research now before you need to take antibiotics.

One option is to look into liquid (children's versions) of antibiotics, because the fillers used in those are often not cornstarch and the like. You'd be swallowing a lot of liquid but it's an option. </p>

I know there's a gluten free drugs website but I don't think there's a corn free drugs site yet. It'd be nice if the gfd webmaster made one :)

You may want to call the manufacturers of antibiotics (google the ones you've taken, or look up generics manufacturers) and ask, but tbh I think they'll be as helpful as the pharmacists. At least you'll be raising awareness. Corn is a sickeningly popular filler in drugs.

Sadly the safest option may be injectable and IV antibiotics. They will be pure active ingredient dissolved in saline (sometimes buffered) and ultra pure.

You definitely want to make your doctors aware too. While they may not be knowledgable off the bat, they are constantly being distracted by drug reps and getting the word to drug reps may result in helpful suggestions AND be a direct line to big Pharma that this need is very real.

Best of luck.

Last time I looked, liquid oral antibiotics are worse, actually, because they use sweeteners and preservatives and suspending agents, all from corn.

I put up a quick and dirty post on my blog kind of recently just because of the number of people coming onto the corn allergy boards/groups I was on in a panic asking about antibiotics:

Corn allergies are very different from most other food allergies because of the fact that corn is not just a food, it's a preservative, a disinfectant, an emulsifier, and a lubricant. So at a certain level of sensitivity, it's really more like an environmental allergy where being completely free of corn isn't really possible. You just have to avoid it as much as you possibly can.

To stay on top of this stuff/get more information, you might want to get on one or all of the following boards:

Facebook corn allergy group 900 members and counting:

There's a lot of noise on that group but also lots of love and a lot of really knowledgeable active members.

Delphi Avoiding Corn forums:

People on Delphi are very VERY knowledgeable and also tend to be extremely sensitive. The software is hard to use though and the participants are not the most welcoming/personable. But they know a LOT. Forums:

This was an offshoot of tee avoidingcorn forums- someone tried to move everyone over because Delphi software sucks, and it didn't really work. Still some decent info on there though, and the people are much nicer.

Oh, I forgot to say, you should probably start looking into compounding pharmacies. There are almost no medications I can take anymore off the shelf- even traces of corn are too much for me. I have to get the all specially made corn-free.

Here's a rundown on how to do that:

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