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gluten free lotions/shampoo/shower gels/etc.?
disturbedme wrote in celiac
Weird question, but do all of you use only gluten free lotions and shampoos and shower gels? Or do you not worry about the gluten in those types of products?

If so, any brand names of shampoo and lotion that are gluten free?

I have hand/body lotion but unfortunately just read the ingredients a while ago and it has wheat in it and I'm afraid to use it now.

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Hand lotion I would worry about, but we don't really fret about most products. My husband doesn't think he's likely to eat shampoo.

I know I have unpopular opinions.

LOL. No, you're right, but I'm still kind of new to this, so I tend to ask weird questions.

Since hand lotion is the only thing to really worry about with celiac, do you know any lotions that are safe? Any brand names? Thanks!

you have eat gluten for it to be a problem... so shampoo and shower gels shouldn't be a problem... you tend to rinse them off.
Hand lotion with gluten, IF you put it on right before eating something that you pick up with your hands or IF you're a compulsive nail biter or something like that, COULD maybe cross-contam you.

Thanks. I was just curious since body/hand lotion goes on the skin and I thought the skin does absorb some of the product? Maybe I'm wrong.

Since hand lotion is the only thing to really worry about, do you know any brand name lotions that are safe that you use?


skin does absorb it, but your skin is not your intestines.

I have some Lubriderm (Skin Nourishing with Shea and Cocoa butters) that is very nice and doesn't have any oat, wheat, etc...

I don't worry about it because it has to get to my small intestine to do damage, and it can't get there through my skin.

I don't use gluten free shampoo but anything I could injest lotion lip stick is gluten free. I use johnsons baby products the smell nice are very good lotion and they come in other smells then just baby. I also got a list from lush of what's not safe but they said in could have cross contamination if you'd like I can send you the email.

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I use Dove's regular shampoo, and a Fruictus (spelling is iffy, sorry) shampoo for my hair. Haven't had any reactions with them. Now, Avon brand stuff? Every time I use it, I have a gluten be wary of them.

I use gluten free lotions, soaps, shower gels, shampoos and cream rinses. I am over paranoid, also I have a bad habit of chewing my fingers and hair (I know it's gross, not a habit I can break).

It depends if you're actually allergic to wheat. Some people are Celiac and allergic to wheat and have a bad skin reaction. Some people choose to use gluten shampoo and all that, but others don't, in case they get soap in their mouth when they wash their hair.

I was just going to say what you did. I am actually allergic to wheat AND Celiac so I do have to avoid anything with gluten in it. Otherwise I'll swell up, my skin will get icky (rash/blisters), itch, and I'll also have an internal reaction to it as well. But I was informed that I'm the one percent. *shrugs*

I use GF shampoos because when I bathe I almost inevitably end up with a little soap in my mouth; it runs down my face from my hair. I've gotten sick from shampoo with wheat germ extract in it. However, it's pretty rare to get soap in your mouth for any other reason, so if you don't have that problem I wouldn't worry.

Hand lotion, I always go GF because of the risk of cross-contaminating something I handle while the lotion is still on the surface of my skin. My favorite is NOW brand cocoa butter hand lotion, and I also make my own, having found an easy recipe that doesn't require a blender.

I do use GF hair products as well as GF lotion. I know the general idea is that duh, you don't eat shampoo. But you do sleep on your pillow at night, and I'm paranoid as hell that some gluten could transfer to my pillow and end up in my mouth while I'm sleeping.

If you have a Whole Foods near you, they just reformulated all their brand name shampoos, conditioners, body lotions and shower gels to be gluten-free. Also free of other bad things like parabens, sodium laurel sulfate, etc.

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I have the exact same issues that you do. I get an external as well as an internal reaction when I use a product with gluten in it.

I try to keep all products GF because it's easier than worrying about whether I got some in my mouth. For instance, I sometimes manage to get shampoo in my mouth, and I have on occasion gotten a mouthful of hair when doing something and not paying attention to where my locks are flying. Most generic shampoos and conditioners are GF, IME, but it's always good to check. Wheatgerm oil and wheat protein are both relatively common ingredients in 'natural' hair care products so keep an eye out for those.

For any kind of body or facial cream, I am very careful. I'm afraid I do chew on the skin around my thumbs (I know it's gross; sorry!) so I need GF lotion.

I don't pay attention for the most part to gluten in body products other than lip things. That said, I do seem to be having problems with some of shampoos and conditioners, and my new ones I believe are GF. I also make my own moisturizer, so I can tell you there is no gluten in that!

I don't have celiac disease, but I know I've accidentally tasted my shampoo more than once.

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